Thursday, 26 March 2015


something was curious about our first meeting...curious yet fascinating...a part of me knew that this won't be the last time we will ever get to see each other...this was when i saw him strolling in rain lonely with an injured hand and bleeding nose...he didn't seem to be the kind of guy i could be friends with...he saw me looking but chose to ignore...he went across the street and i diverted my mind to the things i had been looking for in the shop...but that restlessness never completely went off...i don't know why i couldn't stop thinking about him and what that strange longing was...that day i slept with a heavy day we met again but this time in school...he was seated at the desk behind me with the same empty emotions.. not talking to  anyone..just sitting.. lost in his own chain of thoughts...i was then told that he was the new admission..the new center of many he was eccentric and some he was mysterious and to others introvert...days passed but we never talked...he didn't talk to anyone...didn't have any friends...every day he came with a new scar,a fresh wound...there were gossips about him being involved in scuffles with some gang and everyone started seeing him as a criminal and maintained a distance from him...soon everyone lost their interest in him and so did i until the day he saved me from goons by putting his own life in danger...that was the day our new friendship(to give that relationship a name)blossomed... what i saw that day was ruthlessness,anger,barbarity and a chronic nagging pain in those eyes...the mask which he used to wear for the rest of the world could befool me... the strings of our hearts were connected...we had become one soul...his  pain was my pain...i wanted to stop him but couldn't utter a single word...stood there with tears in my eyes and fear in my heart...he wasn't showing mercy to those who had tried to hurt me...the rain was dribbling over his blood soaked face...and then the words came out of his mouth..."she is my world and i won't let anybody touch her ever"..................

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